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January 30, 2013


Gio's arm looks like a fucking tree trunk in this pic.

>Gio's arm looks like a fucking tree trunk in this pic.

That's just the reflection off the pink cream

why do you keep pushing this? let it go already. this stuff just fuels the fire. none of the substances gio is said to have received are on the banned list (although I don't know what "pink cream" is). MLB will figure it out, until then these kinds of posts are unfair to Gio.

I noticed his arm too.

I'm so so so bummed about this. I hope it ends up being nothing but it really really stinks. Boooo!!

Quick, get a bag of balls and get Lannan back!

Look you want the believe he didn't take something illegal and his name was just on there for nothing then you want A rod out of the game if either one did anything they need to set out 50 games like some of the others have done that lied like hell saying I didn't take anything then find out they did your all just homers because he plays for the team you root for but A rod needs to be kicked out because his name is on there to. I'm so sick of this if they did it make them pay no matter what team they play for or how much money they make time to clean the game up. Just look at his year he had that he never even came near to before was it just a good year I don't know but I really don't think so. Bats fans need to look at it this way what if it was on the Braves or other teams picture that had one great year how would you react to that I'm sure it would not be like y'all are now.

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