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January 22, 2013


No and yes.

I'm with Ron. No and Yes!

While I'm crazy about Hondo -- one of my most cherished Senators memories is sitting on the third base side at then-DC Stadium to see one of his white-seat dingers that was still going up when it landed in the upper section in the upper deck -- I'm not so sure.

Howard actually wore #9 for four years (1965-1968) out of his seven as a Nat, and only took #33 when Ted Williams became manager in 1969. Hondo's most memorable and historic week of 10 homers came in May 1968, wearing #9.

Not saying there's a right or wrong answer to that, just that it's not clear cut either way.


I love Frank Howard, his poster is still on my childhood bedroom wall at my parents' house. I met him in line for the Metro at RFK in 2005 and he could not have been more gracious.

He has a statue in CF, so he's not going to be forgotten. Seeing him wearing #33 gives those of us old enough to remember his mighty Home Runs a chance to tell others about him.

And if wearing the number can give Shark even more power, that would be great too.

Hondo would say "more power to him" because that's the great guy Hondo is. Humble as can be.

Shouldn't the question be, "Should the Texas Rangers retire #33?"? Aren't the Nats criticized for not recognizing their Montreal heritage enough? As much I love Frank Howard, I think the ability to retire #33 in his honor left town 40-some years ago.

I thought Howard was a Twin-Sen, not a Ranger-Sen.

Sam, Hondo was a 2nd-gen Senator. Therefore, Ranger-Sen.

And if they won't retire Expos numbers (or Frank's), they're not going to retire his. Not that I agree with the decision.

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