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January 18, 2013


Tell him as a FanBase we are a "little upset" with his Game 5 performance.

I am pissed as heck the way Rizzo has treated 2 of our pitchers: Lannan and now Drew Storen. I don't think the organization respects these guys abilities! They were always in trade discussions. Lannan was put in the minor league when we had an incompetent Wang as the 5th starter. Then at the end of the year he's brought up and wins every game he is asked to pitch. They sign someone else and he goes to the Phillies. DREW wanted nothing better than to prove to this organization that he's an asset and not the horrible performance of the playoffs. He wanted to come back from injury and be the stud he lives to be. With Soriano signing, they are taking that chance away now. They could have continued with the close by committee. They could have given him more than a 1 year contract. They didn't and I'm ticked!

I expect Drew will be coming to camp with a huge chip on his shoulder. Gio too. And Strasburg. In fact, the entire team should have a chip on their shoulder -- regardless of the fact that they're favorites this year.

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