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May 26, 2013


He should get an MRI on the knee. Most people might think bruising is harmless and usually it is--it will heal itself if you rest it. But clearly he isn't.

Bruises like his (deep bruises; ones that last multiple weeks) are often bone bruises.
The problem with a bone bruise is that if you push it on the knee it can lead to cartilage damage. This is permanent and more or less irrepairable. If this happened at age 20 he'd be a shell of himself. Think Grady Sizemore.

This situation happened to Brian Giles in 2009, I believe. The bruise ended up damaging the cartilage as it spread and wasn't given a chance to heal. Carlos Beltran had a similar situation in 2010, I think (with the mets) and gave it time to heal and he's fine today.

The lesson is going to be rest until the symptoms 100% resolve. If your going to rest Strasburg for 30 days when he has no symptoms, rest your other future guy when he's knees messed up--it's not like he has pain coming from broken ribs or something else that has little structural value. Knees are knees--the wheels of a ballplayer.

At the least he could have cartilage damage (loose bodies) in the joint that need to be cleaned out. I feel like there not MRIing the Knee just because they don't want to know--they want to be convinced that it's just "acting up" rather than actually addressing this problem. Ignoring it hoping it will go away--denial.

Anyway hopefully he improves in the next 2 days, but most people don't heal in 2 days. I say an MRI and two weeks. If the MRI says something do something or rest. Your star player who's 20 you don't want to have a bad knee from some freak accident.

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