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July 14, 2013


Yeah, but wasn't it just a few days ago that Boswell was telling us that Hairston was baseball royalty and just what the Nats needed as a pinch hitter? Now, he's just filler who can't be expected to delver a hit in clutch situations?

Bottom line... Harper still maturing. Needs to learn from Desi's stellar work and game ethics!

MVM2, Hairston's a right hander, and was brought in to pinch-hit against lefties. But with Bryce being ejected, Davey had little choice but to put Hairston in against a righty pitcher. Meanwhile, Harper destroys righties, and would've been a much better match-up had he still been in the game.

Also, author of this blog, can you please for the love of God stop saying "And so" in every... single... post...

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