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July 16, 2013


We need a zoomed in screenshot of the :51 second mark when Bryce blows up the woman's face with one of his first round shots.

Boy Bryce and his daddy were overcome with shock and disbelief. Did you see the look on the face of narcissistic boy Bryce? He looked a little dejected. He's not used to being reduced to insignificance. Poor boy's feelings were hurt, his ego was just steam rolled. Got his hair all up for the TV cameras and everything. Didn't wear no hat so everyone could see his do. Guess he went out to the parking lot for a good cry on daddy's shoulder.

Wow!....A video of all 24 HR's. How boring.

Dear "ChangeUp",

Some people will never be happy and look for any reason, no matter how silly it may be, to hate a person. It may even be a person they have never met before. I hope this never applies to you.


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