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August 07, 2013


I wonder if Grampa Chipper felt the same way about Justin Upton's eerily similar home run trot on Monday night?

Matt D, read Chippers tweets, he said if that was what Nats felt then hit Justin.. a 20 year old kid prior to the series coming out saying stuff, then wants to prance around the bags like hes a 400 HR hitter..You get hit. Thats been in the game for a long time..I think all this frustration from Nats fans is the fact they were picked to go to the World Series.. and fell flat. Blame your Management for benching Strasburg when you had a chance at it last year.

I tweeted to Chipper about Upton doing it the night before and he actually tweeted me back. Said he wouldn't have had a problem with Upton getting hit and that "I don't like showboating, period!"

You're letting your Nats bias show. There is nothing particularly douchy about his posts and he didn't exactly rip anyone.

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