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August 18, 2013


97 on the ass. That's gotta sting.

Should've been at their heads... the Braves deserve it. And... where were the ejections when Harper was hit?

They need to hit Harper every time he comes to the plate. It is worth hearing him whine about a bruise. He needs some kind of excuse when asked about the Nats losing.

The mighty Nats brought their bats
To display big thunder
But when the Braves got through with them
The Nats left 3 games under!!!!!

The Nationals have 3 games left to make something out of nothing. I get the feeling that Nats pitchers don't particularly want to defend Bryce Harper's antics. Strasburg clearly was uncomfortable throwing at Andrelton Simmons. He did the next best thing without hitting a player who had absolutely nothing to do with the plunking incidents. Props to Strasburg for sending a message without hurting anyone. He knows how much an injury can affect a career, and was unwilling to cause one to an innocent player.

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