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April 29, 2014


hey bryce THAT's A CLOWN SLIDE BRO harper mayb u can watch film of pete rose sliding into third or watch film of derek jeter on how to play the game! Your reckless abandon play is selfish and despicable! STOP trying to b a show off and just play the game. dont forget bryce you have TEAM mates! THAT's A CLOWN SLIDE BRO!

Should have repaired the broken leg then he could run 90 feet

Clown response, bro. U is a letter, not a word. You are responding to a blog, not texting a friend. Capitalization and punctuation aren't the enemy. Use it properly. More people may be inclined to listen to your argument.

I wasn't offended by "U" instead of "you". We aren't grammar teachers or students, and this isn't school.

Having said that, I'm sure that I 3rd base had a concrete wall behind it, Harper wouldn't have slid. He'd have run full speed ahead until he slammed into it. He's the fiercest competitor in MLB, right? Not the best, just the fiercest. And the most insanely overrated.

He'll be out of the Majors by the time he's 26.

Made a grammatical error - we can't have that.

It should read "if" 3rd base had a concrete wall. not "I".

Bryce Harper is the Justin Bieber of MLB.

Wow, @MASNcommenter found your blog!

Hey Bryce, don't listen to the negative comments. You are the reason I started watching baseball again after 20 years. You're going to be fine. Get well and we'll see you July.

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