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August 12, 2014


Any speed over 80, and certainly over 100, can and will get you jail time in many parts of Virginia. I was threatened with jail time but thankfully received a suspended sentence (and many hours of community service and a hefty fine) for doing 90 in a 55 in Culpepper several years back, and a Jalopnik editor just spent a weekend in jail for less egregious speeding than Werth's: http://jalopnik.com/never-speed-in-virginia-lessons-from-my-three-days-in-1613604053

One assumes that because Werth's speeding was in Fairfax County and because he will have good legal representation that he won't end up being given jail time despite speeds that really quite dangerous.

105 on a freeway in a Porsche isn't dangerous at all. Have you ever tried their massive brakes?

Shame on him he could of seriously hurt or killed somebody,job well done to the officer who gave him the ticketHe should be treated just like the rest of us,but I bet he gets off just fine

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