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February 11, 2006


Good thing we got rid of that hack Jamey Carroll. First off, he spells his name like a girl. Beta, I think I'm bigger than he is. III, why would we want to have a fundamentally sound player? Or at least one guy on the team who can run the bases properly? Or bunt? These skills are not important in a bandbox like RFK. Four, I'd much rather have class acts like Soriano and Sosa. Cinco, we need rosters space for about 8 more outfielders, none of whom can play CF or have an OBA higher than .350.

First of all, SomeGuy, let me congratulate you on being the first person to drop a comment. A check for $5 is in the mail with your name on it. I never thought of it that way with JC - he does spell his name like a girl...

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