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July 21, 2006


"This guy" was at the game. Besides the nice show of having red carpet out, I can't say things were that much better. The logistics for getting food still was not great. Things were actually worse at the new food options because of the novelty, so hopefully that improves.

Aramark is the devil, let's just put it that way. They have horrible logistics in RFC. They are running up hill for sure, but there are so many simple things they screw up. Such as, if you look at the grill and there are no hotdogs, but that's your biggest seller, and you have 40 people in line, you may need to start making more dogs. Just a hint fellas.

I suggested to a friend at the game that the Nats top 3 issues are: food logistics, price of tickets, and a crappy team. We're screwed on the team with the current trade horizon (though I still have faith that Bowden will pull off a miracle, maybe Church will talk to the big man for us), and there seem to be no improvements on the food logistics. I greatly appreciate all the effort Lerner and Kasten are putting into things right away, it's a great sign of faith to the fans. Lowering 2000 ticket prices was also great, and I think I might end up being a purchaser of a few $5 tickets. But let's face it, we're going to be in RFK for a while, so during the off season there needs to be a lot of work done. Some see this is wasted money, I see it as not burning bridges while we all patiently wait for a new stadium.

Overall: B- on the "new" RFK. A very inflated score, mainly because the Nats won.

We smell a sweep!

Damn prescient, if you ask me.

SomeGuy: I agree with 2/3 of your assessment - But I cross ticket price off the list and add worst mascot in baseball.

Bote Man: Yeah, what can I say, everybody gets lucky sometimes, and it was bound to happen at least once this season, right?

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