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April 26, 2009


When does Zimmermann get a good nickname? The "flash" stuff doesn't do it for me.

We should call him "J-Zim" in protest, as that is a clearly poor nickname.

Yeah, we're still lukewarm on "flash". Hate J-Zim, too. Originally liked "Z-NN", but not so sure about that anymore.

Air Jordan?

He shall go by the nickname of J-Z. Hip-hop references are allowed, are they not?

Hip-hop references are always welcome, Editor. Supppose we could live with J-Z, but still feel like there's a better option out there...

Why didn't The Zim Reaper ever catch on? Or The Zimm Reaper, even....

And everyone knows that Betamax was the superior format for video tape!

Hmmm. Zimm Reaper has a nice ring to it. That might get our vote - if we're voting and all...

Nate - ah! point well taken!

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