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August 05, 2009


The fact that your staff used a Whole Foods Bag just plays into the stereotype of DC residents as a bunch of nutty crunchy elitists with no real understanding or appreciation of baseball. A better choice would be an old Food Lion or Price Shopper bag (if they actually have paper bags at either one anymore).

@Sec 314. Ah, I forgot to mention our sponsors! It was Nationals Enquirer Brown Bag Night, *Sponsored by Whole Foods*. Hey, they paid big bucks for us to use their bags!

You know that if you don't don the bag again tonight it will be your fault if/when the Nats lose.

You know, when you tweeted you were in sec 107, I tried to get a picture! But when I checked the photo later, I couldn't spot any brown bagged heads :(


@Nate: we can't make the game tonight, but staff members have been told to wear their bags while watching at home. Hopefully that does the trick.

@misschatter: probably just bad timing...it got damn hot under those bags; kept taking 'em off. Also, much easier to drink our fruity microbrews and stuff our faces with food sans bag.

in n out shirt? looks like you're double agent for california teams...

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