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August 19, 2009


So Rizzo whiffed on Kearns and Guzman, sold short on Milledge and Johnson and gets the unqualified Nats Enq endorsement for... moving and spending record amounts of someone else's money?

I just switched apartments, can I be an Assistant GM?

Nate: Yes, and Yes. But you're underestimating the importance of 'moving and spending record amounts of someone else's money'!

When can you start, BTW?

Look, when Mike Rizzo was given the title of acting GM the Nats had no other internal candidates. Now, after interviews with several very bright baseball men (including Rizzo) they seem to have reached a decision. That must mean they've found something better in their eyes...and what's wrong with that?

Andrew: Hard to argue with an exhaustive search resulting in the best candidate for the job getting the job. And we hope that's what happened here.

Hopefully it's just the timing that's wrong.

All signals yesterday seemed to point to Rizzo as the choice until the Edes column dropped late.

It's unclear what else Rizzo needed to do - from where we're standing it seems like he earned the job since taking the mop when Jimbo left.

Kearns, Guzman and holding on to Nick I definitely view as mistakes. We assume it was Rizzo on those, though they smell a bit like the way things have worked for the Nats in the past so I wonder about Kasten's involvement.

I love the Milledge-Hanrahan/Morgan-Burnett deal. I think Milledge is a bust, not enough power to play the corner OF, not enough D to play CF.

Cleaning out Bowden's crapfest I think was nearly deserving enough of the job. Add the other wiley moves plus how the Strasburg thing went down and I view him as a winner.

If they are hiring DiPoto, it better be because he's better than Rizzo. And if he's better, we may be getting a fantastic GM.

Let's all hope

How can you ask someone to do all the things that Rizzo has done for the Nats, and quite successfully, and then can him? Couldn't fire a worthless GM like Bowdin but can get rid of someone of value?

I think that this is either a big misinformation campaign by the Nats or ...

Stan Kasten is leaving his day-to-day operations role, Rizzo takes that, and DiPoto replaces Rizzo.

if the nats lose this bright young gm, it would be a huge loss for this orgainization, and another teams gain as he certainly will surface in that roll within a year.

The only thing we can be sure of is this:

The Nats won't say boo about final GM choice is until next week - well after Strasburg's Coronation Friday night. Team needs to milk the goodwill for all they can get...

Edes-Rizzo might turn into another Rosenthal-Manny though. The only thing wrong might end up being the timing.

But we hope not. We're pulling for Mike Rizzo here at Nationals Enquirer.

...and then, there's this from Nationals dot com's Bill Ladson. Nats set to name Mike Rizzo GM on Thursday.


But I read it on the internet. Should I believe it or not?

(congrats Mike, you deserve it.)

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