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April 06, 2010


This Yahoo/Big League Stew post says "27 busses" left Citizen's Bank Park yesterday for DC loaded with Phillies fans. And they were able to get their tickets before Nats fans had the opportunity. Stan Kasten should resign.

I'm a Phillies fan living in DC. Over all, I love this city but it's one of the worst sports cities in America. The fans here are as boring as most of the people in this town. So be grateful to the legions of Phillies fans that liven up Nationals Park from time to time. On most other days it is a boring, sterile ballpark. The only time it ever gets interesting is when opposing fans over-run the place.

I think 103 losses is a more significant lowpoint than the stadium being overwhelmed by away fans.

Phils fans were drunk and/or obnoxious. Worse of all, they seem to be proud of their behaviour.

Unfortunately, we have to put up with these savages from time to time. Don't be surprised by their behavior, they're from Philly, after all. Guess the gas stations and fast food joints in Philly were understaffed opening day, all of their employees blew their day of vacation on a game.

JW you are salty. Don't hate celebrate

I was able to buy Nationals season tickets in a very good location for a fraction of the cost of my Phillies season tickets. I plan on attending 12+ games this season in addition to the Nats/Phillies games. The fact that those season tickets are avail speaks volumes about the fan base in DC. In Philly you can't even purchase a SUnday package anymore because everything is sold out.
You can't blame the Nats front office for selling me aor anyone else tickets because that is their job, SELLING TICKETS! So stop crying and buy tickets. And for the record when I visit DC I will be spending money in your city at your ballpark. Oh yeah, and when they are not playing the Phillies I will be cheering for the Nats.

Why are there so many philthies fans on here? Or just bad nats fans..anyways, stfu DC with your sports town talk or whatever. We have good, respectful fans and not a bunch of fat ass obnoxious faggot fans that the whole world hates.

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