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June 14, 2010


I saw this again on ESPN from a different camera angle (Possibly TBS or Indians TV feed).
Dunn flattened him. The ump didn't say a word.

Interesting point about a retaliatory beaning later in the game as I think most teams would call for it.

In Manny's defense, Dunn is an ex-player of his so that may be a reason there was no ball thrown at or behind Dunn.

This was by far my fave play of the game....I am such a fan of Dunn's, he really seems like a good guy - maybe the chief papa bear on the team, behind Pudge of course.

Actually, Andrew, the ump DID "say a word." He immediately admonished Santana for being so foolish. He merely didn't say a word to Adam Dunn, who was playing baseball as it's supposed to be played (these days, and THEN some!).

For those few games we has Maldonado behind the plate, he showed how effectively a plate can be blocked by a competent catcher in an appropriate situation. Of course, Maldonado is nearly the size of Adam Dunn, which helps.

I LIKE Maldonado and think he would be a greater asset to the Nats than Wil Nieves as Pudge's backup. Nieves seems to be scared to take a hit. On plays to the plate he seems always to be out of position, standing on the pitcher's mound side of the plate where his only opportunity to tag the runner out is on a lucky sweep motion.

Maldonado is also better at throwing out base stealers, and at blocking wild pitches. Neither of them can hit a lick, although Maldonado has more power when he does.

Still, losing 2 of 3 and allowing both Manny AND Austin to get thier revenge --- just UUUUGGHH!

The retaliation came at Phillips because he showboated after the play. Dunn did just the opposite, making sure Santana was okay.

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