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June 25, 2010


I've trekked up to Crabtown three times in past season to catch this series, but in the absence of Stasburg pitching I wouldn't go this year if you gave me a free ticket and gave me gas money. The Nats offense is about as much fun to watch right now as paint drying on growing grass.

Couldn't pay me to go to Charm City, game or not. I hear you can catch an STD just driving through. Plus, the thought of being surrounded by 15,000 hicks discrespecting the National Anthem by yelling "O!" is too much. Charlie & Dave on the radio is a safer bet, thank you.

bdrube - I agree wholeheartedly - the disrepecting of the National Anthem bothers me a great deal. Charlie & Dave a much better choice, I can't stand the MASN teaming on air either. Dibble & Palmer never shut up, constantly trying to outdo each other.

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