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July 26, 2010


Riggleman not happy? Then why is he laughing?


I don't understand. I agree Adam shouldn't have done it; but why sit him down? Nyjer kept playing without any break after his costly infantile glove-throwing incident. Plush has cost us runs and at least one game due to stupid in-game judgments and I don't recollect that he has received any discipline. In meting out punishment, responses need to be consistent.

@Feel Wood, there's this, from Bill Ladson's account:

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman appeared not to be happy Sunday afternoon when he learned that Dunn was in the broadcast booth the previous day.

"I wish you wouldn't have told me that," Riggleman said while laughing at the same time.


@Slidell: Agree that Morgan should've been pulled and benched a game immediately after the glove-spiking incident.

In light of Dunn's comments after the fact: "I could care less...I'll pay the fine..." etc. Riggleman has to bench him. Has to. Dunn basically pissed all over him with those remarks. Even as well-liked as he's said to be in the clubhouse, you have to think his teammates will be watching to see how Riggleman responds. The 2010 team is now a sinking/sunk ship, but Riggleman can't afford to lose it - especially now that he's been given Rizzo's blessing to at least get a chance to start the 2011 season at the helm.

Let it slide. Uecker back from major heart surgery and has always talked highly of Dunn. it's not like he went up to the booth to make a statement. Benched for a game is good enough.

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