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October 04, 2010


Thanks for your daily work. I appreciate the snark and the substance.

Pls stay around for 2011. Only 14 weeks until pitchers and catchers report...

*Tied* for 6th worse, with Cleveland. :\ We still pick 8th (two 2009 compensatory picks above us) since we had a worse record in 2009.

As for road vs home record, the Braves were pretty bad on the road (35-46) and they are going to the playoffs. Of course, they played much better at home and not as bad on the road as the Nats.

I echo everyone's thanks for your posting. I enjoy them quite a bit and I hope that you will keep it up.

Thanks for another great season of irreverant coverage of our hapless Nats. Five total runs against the dregs of the Mets staff - Way to finish strong boys! ETB

Keep the lights on Tom Bodett!

@Harper, we're currently in talks with Motel 6 about a sponsorship deal for 2011, which should help defray the costs of the monthly electrical bill. Or maybe we should just post a tip cup?

Oh Nationals Enquirer person, I wish I had a name to thank! I really appreciated the coverage and the laughs. And thank you for the time and energy you put into the site. Speaking of laughs, I think my top three on the site were
--the Phanatic dancing to "Bad Romance," trying unsuccessfully to get Pat Listach's attention
--the first Ray Knight telestrator post
--the Little League kids with Bryce Harper eye black.
Please come back for 2011!

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