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November 19, 2010


Thanks for the helpful link to a page showing the back of Mr. Bacsik's head. :P

I wonder if the Nats changed their jerseys partly to disassociate themselves with this movie.

We have a half-season plan by the bullpen. It will be interesting to see if people yell stuff to the relievers about this movie.

Nope, it's Domenick Lombardozzi, aka Herc on The Wire.

I'm still trying to figure out which number Wilson is wearing. Heaven help us if it turns out that he is wearing 37! It seems to definitely be a 30's, but could be a bunch of others.

Sadly, I plan to watch this movie solely based on the DC and Nationals connections. I might wait for DVD though.

I don't know who this team is. I don't recognize their uniforms...

Did they spell it "Natinals" or "Nationals"?

I bet that guy loves Gus Triandos.

I just want to see cameos of Nats fans. I remember that turd Nats320 wrote last year that he is in it. I can see him now mugging for pictures and pointing to his back and letting us all know he is the #1 FAN.

Also, I heard they made the visitors bullpen the Nats bullpen to film the movie.

Nothing like keeping it real!


Here is the link to the real stars! I expect to see them in the movie credits but if they use their real names I won't recognize it as I know them only as Screeches Best Friend and the African Queen.


Is this a romantic comedy, or a tragedy? If Wilson's character pitched for the 2008 or 2009 Nats, you might as well just call it Titanic II.

I checked out that Nats 320 photo of the SBF and the AQ in front of that tent like the poseurs they are and I just can imagine there egos if they are seen in the film.

There heads barely fit in Nats Park now so it is scarey to think what would happen if they were movie stars!

Okay, okay: enough of the SBF bashing. If you have a problem with him, leave a comment for him over at his blog, send him an email, etc. The point of this post is to make fun of this awful movie. BTW: Love the Titanic II concept, Anonymouse.

Well, everyone knows Bascik grooved the pitch to Barry Bonds. What this movie presupposes is... maybe he didn't.


-Screech's Best Friend


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