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December 19, 2010


I would have said No to this deal as well. I posted my full thoughts at http://www.nationalsarmrace.com/?p=501 but the gist of it is that Greinke has had ONE good season. He's not Felix Hernandez, a guy who has shown season after season that he can dominate. You don't mortgage your future to get a guy who might not be the real deal.

Don't agree that dealing away Storen, Espinosa, Zimmermann constitutes mortgaging the future...also disagree with your argument that Greinke has had only one good season.

Can't wait to find out who the actual pieces were being offered up in the deal that got killed by Greinke.

Nice post over at your place. Got you linked up from our blogroll now, over on the right.

I refuse to buy the "wait until next year to improve the major league product" and "don't mortgage the future" arguments,. A trade for a player like Greinke would have improved the Nationals in 2011 and 2012 at the very least. As Strasburg's injury should have taught us by now, it's foolish to try and predict the future. Make moves that improve you in the longer-than-short term.

I am with Todd Boss 100% on this one as you have to deal in the here and now.

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