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January 06, 2011


That is hilarious. Love your posts! Should we not call Frank Paul by F. P. or can we call him Frankie? F. P. just doesn't roll of the tongue right.

I vote for just "F".

Like the Jose Canseco for Nats starter in 2011 idea. It may come to that.

Please can't they just bring back Dibble?

Dibble! Dibble! Dibble!

@Michael: we'll stick with "F.P." But feel free to go with your "F." idea.

You are going to love FP. For real. FP every night on KNBR during the 2010 Giants season was a must listen each and every night. Bumming here in SF.

FP is engaged/married to Playmate Michelle McLaughlin. Hopefully this means that we'll have some scenery at NatsTown this summer!

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