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January 07, 2011


FP shares most in common with Paul LoDuca as the 2 are both MLB Alumni as well and members of the 'Roid Report!

Could Canseco and FP been discussing Performing Enhancing Drugs at the Playboy Mansion?

According to my sources (with no knowledge of the situation, naturally), on the night in question in the Playboy Mansion, FP Santangelo accused Jose Canseco and 'his girl' of being more interested in shopping than baseball.

Now I know how FP is hanging with Hef. FP's wife is the former Playmate Michelle McLaughlin.

Very interesting!

Why would the subject of enhancements ever come up occur to anyone at the Playboy Mansion?
8 o

Finally this shilling tool is off the Giants media beat. they bumped the best rounded KNBR radio host for this superficial amateurish 'host' can't say the Nationals got a stand up guy but hopefully he's enough because you can keep him!

such a loss for knbr listeners, i guess we'll have to get used to not having fp use the word "I" forty million times a night

1) FP admitted using riods for a period of time. Props to him.

2) It's well believed that over half the league "dabbled"..so get over it all ready.

3) Hate on FP all you want...he has an exteamly hot(playboy)wife, Played Big League Ball..and made millions, playing a game you all never sniffed..and is now national.

Post away...It's as close as you'll get

Boo Hoo

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