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February 03, 2011


AWESOME! Half man, half AMAZING!

I really like this kid as he already reminds me of legendary players. If he hustles like Pete Rose, has the heart of a kid, the eye of Ted Williams, and the mind of a champion like Derek Jeter, he will be my perfect player.

It is amazing that Ted Williams essentially had his best career years at 23 and 39 years old and many great seasons in between. Ted Williams in 1941 at 23 years old hit .406 with a .553 OBP and then at 39 years old hit .388 with a .526 OBP.

When Bryce Harper talks about hitting drills it is the eye of Ted Williams. Both are lefties but throw right. Both 6'3" with amazing bat speed.

Ted Williams broke into the Majors at 20 years old. Harper is now 18.

My one bit of advice for Bryce is plate discipline and work the counts. In Williams rookie year he had 107 walks in 149 games! That is what Bryce needs to learn in the Minors, PLATE DISCIPLINE.

Is this title sexual?

(lol to the last post) i think Harper might be the next D.C. athlete to deserve the "Meast" nick name. half man half beast.

Ah, come on, Gordek! Get your mind out of the gutter!

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