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June 06, 2011


Am I the only one who hopes this little snot-nosed punk dies in a horrible, fiery plane crash??

Yes, Jason, you're the only one. Seek help, buddy.

He did that because he was miffed that they plunked him yesterday, and he believes he did it on purpose. Context people. Context.

That said, it's a bush move. But the kids, especially the basketball fans out there, will love this stuff for better or worse.

i dont want to see any accidents, but he needs to grow up or ride the bench.

He's so GAY!!!!

That was awesome. I want him to do that in Philly every fucking game.

I was at this game, but his back was to me when he did this. If I was the other team, the ball would have been in his ear the next pitch, not on his knee. Grow up and be a professional...

Funny as hell, but I'm a Wizards basketball fan too - so that is probably why I find the whole thing humourous. We got the makings of a "Bad Boy" for the Nationals Major League Club....Hoo-Ya....

One word: Douche.

nice stache

Where's the eyeblack?

Nats brass has to quietly like this, even if the GM may not. Love him. Hate him. Your choice. But certainly watch him to see what Baseball Code he will violate next.

Guys like Barry Bonds were divas off the field, but the fans had to deal with it because he was so productive. Harper seems to be diva on the field. He better deliver the goods if he wants to behave this way.

Just keep hitting him in the back until he decides to apologize.

he is a kid - let him learn that he can't do that. you can't tell a kid that, he has to learn it, just like everyone did... he will be fine and benching him is not the answer. he will get one in the ear soon and think twice before doing that again. this is not high school or JC ball anymore - he will be fine. let him play and learn.

a star in the making*i luv it*if u ever played beyond high school*u always want this guy on your team!!!!!!

I don't see anything wrong with it, it's a minor way to say back atcha for being hit by a pitch. I don't know if any of you "high and mighty" morally outraged sports fans have ever been plunked, but it hurts like hell. The fact that he waited to show his feelings until AFTER hitting the home run, rather than taking the pitchers head off right then, means a lot. It obviously meant enough for him to say in "your face bitch" on the field of play. If I was a manager, I'd be lovin it. It shows just the right amount of fire. I don't see this kid doing anything to really hurt or embarass the team, but he ain't goin to lay down and take it from nobody without givin it back.

I went to school with this kid at CSN in Nevada, its his personality. He thinks hes Gods Gift to the World, if he trys that in the majors...good luck the next time your at bat, pitchers will lock on to his face and throw right at him. - and rightfully so.

You guy's ever been hit by fastball going 85 mph? Context people...I love it! Baseball needs a little more excitement in my book.

Must be the water in Washington. Just some more bullsh*t coming out of our capital. Wait till some pitcher sticks one in his ear. He will gain alot of respect for the game in a hurry. Maybe our nation's leaders in Washington need a baseball stuck in their ear!

Almost as bad was stopping to watch the flight of the ball before he started to run. If he keeps this stuff up he'll pay eventually, as he should. Totally bush!

They're going to need a lot of mustard to cover this hot dog...

This joker is queerer than a $3 bill.

Looks like he is responding to the pitcher who was probably hollering at him as he took his time around the bases. He does need to be hit...every time he does this crap.

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