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June 22, 2011


Saw the truck when we were up in Hagerstown for the Zimm rehab game a couple weeks ago--a local identified it as Harper's ride. No two ways about it: It's badass.

This much is certain: it ain't no Toyota Tacoma.

Still trying to find out if it is a Ford F150 or F250 or something else. Anyone know for sure?

I have seen him drive his Tacoma to the ballpark too so he kept it. His new ride he drives it on longer trips.

It's a Toyota Tundra not a Tacoma

It's a 2011 Toyota tundra crewmax built by shoreline motors out of California. Top of the line inside and out

Jamie - So you are saying the truck in the video is a Toyota Tundra and not a Ford? Had me fooled. Thanks for the info. So his old truck is a Tacoma, is that right?

Whatever it is, it looks darn cool. This kid can now afford a fleet of cars if he was following the NFL bonus baby man-code where you get a Lambo or Ferrari and a 1960's muscle car tricked out to look like a pimp ride and then you have to get the big SUV so really Bryce's car decisions seem reasonable for an 18 year old kid.

harper is a giant tool. it figures that a kid who likes the yankees, bulls, & cowboys, would have a truck like that.

The field at Pfitzner is the pitsner, especially in right field. He is going to Harrisburg this weekend.

Ahem.....big truck making up for something small? Why do people get these big flashy trucks w/ the chrome? Big trucks are used for 4 wheeling, otherwise it's compensation for smallness, if u know what I mean.

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