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June 24, 2011


Well, there goes any ounce of sympathy i had left for him. Turns out he's nothing more than a character from Office Space.

Tops down, bottoms up and puking in the toilet flushing his career away.

Let's see, Riggleman just ended a 35+ year career w/ his middle fingers extended, why wouldn't he want to have a few beers w/ young ladies? Provided he didn't turn into Roethlisberger, what's the big deal?

agree with wfy!

I think cooler heads would have prevailed if Mr. Bloviater, Stan Kasten, was still in charge. Things would have been handled better and the public would never of known about it. Both Riggleman and the bald headed Napoleon, Mike Rizzo, are to blame for this embarrassing fiasco. It hurts to be a Nats fan. Is the stadium built on any ancient Indian burial or something? This organization is cursed! Jim Riggleman, good luck with the Chicas at Caddies.

I don't know if he left the right way or if he "quit" on his players. But I know one thing...there isn't a damn thing wrong with this.

I'd rather have Jim Riggleman than Mike Quade.

Well, there is ONE thing wrong with this--is he drinking a vodka cranberry?

Reminds me of the 4PM prune juice I shared with Frank after his firing.

I appreciate a woman who needs to have a back-up drink in hand before finishing the first.


I hear he's up for the roll of the manager in the Bad News Bears reboot.

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