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June 09, 2011


Aren't the Bundy bro's distant relatives with Ted Bundy? Violence seems to run deep in that family.

My guess is in 7 to 8 years both of them will be out of baseball and working like their Uncle Al Bundy selling women's shoes at Nordstroms.

What a bunch of a$$ clowns.

Bobby Bundy has been in A ball for 3 years and still not dominating so we will see if he ever gets a sniff of a MLB clubhouse other than being on a stadium tour.

What POS jerks.. OK, hit him 4 times, that's 4 baserunners, with speed and revenge on HIS mind.. of course, after the first one, you get warned, so the second costs you the start and your manager a suspension.. gotta figure there's a brawl somewhere around the third hit, so now you jeopardize your team to injuries, suspensions and fines, never mind the retaliatory hits YOUR team gets for plunking Harper.... HEY MORONS, what YOU DON'T do is run your faux tough-guy mouths like petty little maggots.. BTW, would YOU as the pitcher blow a kiss to Harper in the first inning when you struck him out on a ball and bad call? Cause, you idiots, that's what Harper was answering back for when he blew his kiss... go home to Podunk and work in your uncle's paint store, since you lack the acuity and maturity to play this game, you thugs... and HEY thanks Mr. DJ for egging them on, that's great broadcast journalism there, too

"With speed and revenge on HIS mind" Who says that? This is exactly why DC doesn't deserve baseball. Nats Fan(s) know nothing about the sport.

You Expos fans are hilarious. So you're saying the next time Ryan Howard decides to deposit a Nats pitch in the right field bleachers, if he blew a kiss to your pitcher you would want someone to throw at him? Bryce Harper is a pompous ass who will get his if he decides to pull that crap in the Bigs. Kudos to the Bundy brothers for showing some spine and endearing themselves to the fan base.

You only have to hit the piece of trash once and see if he even gets up. And if so, knock him on his backside again. Some some professionalism or go back to Follywood.

Great, the loser Whorioles fans chime in. What is there, about 2,000 Orioles season ticket holders left that don't buy their tickets to profit off of selling them to Red Sox and Yankees fans? What a disgrace.

They are so jealous that the Nats have Bryce Harper.

Look at the bright side in Bal'more, you have the Peter and his Angelo$ kids for the rest of your living days to run that team.

Maybe someone can create O's Enquirer for inquiring losers.

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