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July 18, 2011


That is an awesome looking design. Where can I buy this? I just went to the 22Fresh.com website and didn't see it.

I got my Beast Mode shirt already. Very comfortable and my bench press increased by 20 pounds when I wore it!

By the way, did you see Bernadina get ripped off of an easy single yesterday when Burnett lost his brain base running. Bernadina was 2 for 4 and should have been 3 for 4.

I am sure Roger had on a red t-shirt yesterday. Coincidenc? I think not! Go SHARK!!!!!!!!!

Do you think Burnett could have run a little harder back towards 2nd after he knew he screwed up?

A hit turned into an out probably cost Bernadina 5 points on his batting average.

They emailed me the link:


Awesome that Roger endorsed 22 Fresh doing this shirt! I think every game that he makes a death defying catch the shirt should go on sale on the website...you listening Kip!?

How's about a sale price for every Web Gem?

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