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August 04, 2011


I can't believe I'm bothering to respond to Rob Dibble, but here you go.

Josh Johnson: Tommy John surgery in August '07; returned to bigs in July '08.
Tim Hudson: out 8/08; back 9/09.
Chris Carpenter: out 7/07; back 7/08.
Edison Volquez: out 8/09; back 7/10.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Strasburg's timeline is the same as these other guys. Dibble's just taking the opportunity to snipe at the Nats.

Once an asshole, always an asshole. If Stras wasn't coming back, Dribble would say he's a wimp. Just. Shut. Up.

But...wait...Dibble said Stras was a wimp for not pitching through a little pain. So which is it, Dibs?

I an SOOOOO glad he's not on MASN anymore.

rob dibble is a clown maybe he should spend his time thinking of his next tat design and less about our ball club such a punk.

Sounds like Mr. Dibble is dribble from his mouth. Sour grapes.

They are following the same exact protocol last year on Jordan Zimmermann. Why didn't Dribble criticize that?

Hey Rob .. I'm with ya, you big lug:
I've heard that the reason that they put beer in those taps is just to sell it to us low-brows! I'm on to their capitalist game and there's more of that story to tell if you just open your eyes!

Perhaps I'd better stay anonymous in case anybody ever took me seriously before

Strasburg starts at Nats Park on 9/6, 9/11, and 9/16; the only stretch in September where he can pitch three straight home games. Fills the park the day after Labor Day, big profits in a month when the Nats attendance usually falls off. Dibs knows.

Straight to the point. This is exactly what the team did with Jordan Zimmermann last year. That wasn't for ticket sales.

Good for the Nats.Dibs forgets that this is a business, and can you fault the team on seeing some return on their massive investment? As long as its not damaging his arm that is.

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin disclosed this morning on ESPN's First Take that Jim Riggleman had asked National's GM Mike Rizzo to fire two coaches after a "secret" practice was held without Riggleman's knowledge. Rizzo reportedly said no and Riggleman than asked for the contract meeting and then quit. Did this happen?

Now Rizzo is using Strasburg as a drawing card as well. OCHS's Travis Radke is the man.

I'm actually looking forward to hearing about whatever impossibly screwed up way Rob Dibble dies. This worthless piece of trash is stealing oxygen from those who aren't mouth breathers.

Bryce Harper would have been up to the bigs by now if that was the case. Strasburg would have been rushed last year to the bigs. Dibs, I really liked you as the color commentator for the Nats, but this is one of your worst statements.

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