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August 14, 2011


that fag blocked me on twitter. idk why.

Well...interesting comments. My 14 year old son and I drove an hour from Orlando to see this guy in Viera. There were about 30 fans max waiting for autographs from him after practice. He signed maybe 10 and walked off. My son ran up beside him and asked him to please sign, as we had driven an hour just to get his signature. He, and some non-player with him, proceeded to take more time explaining to my kid why he wouldn't sign than it would have taken him to sign. About 30 minutes before that, my kid shelled out 28 bucks of his own money for a Strasburg shirt that I'm sure might get tossed now. Oh well. At least my kid learned a valuable lesson. I understand these guys get tired and are busy. It was just a shame for my kid, who was crushed. Same story basically for Bryce Harper. My son had the quiet ride back to Orlando having gone 0-2. Maybe next time. I might add most of the Braves' young (and old) stars were very gracious and signed for my son the day before.

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