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August 22, 2011


I've spoken to Nats fans who don't attend the Phillies games because they don't want to expose their children to drunken, cursing fans. I also know someone whose 16 yr. old son was beaten up in the restroom by a drunk Phillies Man because the boy was wearing a Nats cap. If the Phillies fans behaved more like other teams fans I think more Nats fans would attend. But...that's not going to happen.

I have never had a problem with Phillies fans at Nats games other than booing Ryan Zimmerman during his Gold Glove/Silver Slugger presentation. The booing of Jayson Werth doesn't make sense -- he bolted Philly for a division rival and has been awful. Shouldn't they be pleased?

Phillies fans at their best are knuckle dragging buffoons. They make in uncomfortable being at HOME in our own park. The last game with the Phillies I attended the fans were drunk, cursing, and all around obnoxious. I hate it when they come down regardless of how much money they spend here.

They can't even hold up their sign correctly with the upside down "BA".

I want to see the photos of Phithie phans in handcuffs.

I went on Saturday. Maybe it was the section I was sitting in, but the fans were generally well behaved. On one side was a group of guys who were sucking down the 8.50 beers. They were spending the weekend in d.c. Moneywise, seems like fans like that are great for the bats and for the DC economy. I'd just like to know who the smart guy in the marketing dept who decided to make Saturday Ian Desmond bobblehead day.game.

I was there on Sunday, and the fans behind me were pretty nice. It sounded like a family, with the gentlemen explaining the game to the ladies with them. Maybe I made a good impression when I (a low key female Nats fan) asked about the relief pitcher Schwimer, and whether Philly had a short bench because he was batting for himself. They actually laughed when I brought up the "Philly fans would boo Santa Claus" meme.

@Ed -- Charlie and Dave said the timing of the Desmond bobblehead probably had a lot to do with the sponsor's choice. Jayson Werth had been the player of the game on his bobblehead night. It just took Desmond an extra day to catch up to it.

Maybe if Nats fans bought the tickets the "drunken idiots" wouldn't show up. Support your team or don't. But don't make excuses about other teams being mean to you. I've been to FedEx field, Skins fans are just as bad.

Stu, that is so true. Skins games in the warmer weather brings out a whole different type of crowd. Almost like a day at Kings Dominion. Where do they come from?

Not all Philly fans are rude and obnoxious. Yes we are passionate about our teams and yes there are some drunken fools. But in the end we are a competitive sports town who boos and cheers for our team. It's unfair to say that we are all like that. Get to know a Philly fan. We just might surprise you.

Thanks for the advice Stu. Sounds like you spent a lot of time at sold out Vet Stadium during the decades the phillies sucked.

The sign was originally up correctly before this image was posted and the fan was just messing around. And all fan bases have their drunken idiots because, contrary to belief, all fans are individuals and all individuals are rooted the same especially in one big group. But seriously, Nats fans, please be quiet because at least Phillies fans can sell out Citizens Bank Park and the lovely Citizens Bank Park South, oops I mean Nationals Park

My 3 year old was having a meltdown, so I promised my wife we would leave after 9 innings on Sunday (the rain delay made it a LONG afternoon). So there we were, back by the picnic tables under the pressbox on the upper deck, loading up the gear accumulated by two rain soaked and tired little girls when Desmond jacked his big home run. This older man in a too tight Phillies t-shirt walked up the steps and headed to the mens room and looked at us and said "I hate you people."


I admit, after the first Phillies game I attended at Nats Park, I wasn't looking forward to being a stranger in my own park again. I had two other sets of tickets to Nats/Phillies games which I avoided. They were days with sweltering heat and I just couldn't face a super hot stadium filled with Pfans. They make a game miserable. I wouldn't mind jacking up prices to keep them away. Anything. I want to support my Nats. Watching on TV , you could not tell which park it was with all the cheering coming at the "wrong" times. Don't EVER call our park your Phillies Park/south again- I won't be intimidated next year.

Hey Nein, why can't you be gracious visitors to someone elses home?

Chanting your Go Phillies in unison and boo'ing Jayson Werth and beating up Nats fans in the bathroom isn't being good visitors.

You all want bragging rights that you took over someone elses stadium with the Citizens Bank South. See I thought the upside down BA was supposed to be next to the letter D to form BAD CITIZENS.

I go to many road games and am very respectful as are the other Nats fans I have seen in attendance. I wouldn't think of bringing signs.

It was so over the top it was like a combustible show-off.

Zimmerman explained the situation eloquently, while the people complaining on this message board don't even spell properly. Cheering for your team (and occasionally against the opposing team) is part of the game. If the tickets are not bought by nationals fans, you can't blame phillies fans for buying them. I'm sure the nationals front office enjoys the increased revenue. Dedicated fans have experience in home/away parks with all kinds of home/away fans. Take these events with a grain of salt and try to laugh it off. Even if you walk away with some mild horror story (absolutely no violence) try to consider that part of the fun of being a fan.

I agree that Nats fans can't complain if they don't buy the tickets and go to support their team. I'm a transplanted Phillies' fan and I go to at least two games every series when the Phils come. They are enthusiastic and passionate but they are not violent. Its a different mindset in Philly and yes there is alcohol involved (especially on the long rides the fans take on the charter buses) but I've never seen anything violent or dangerous. I'm used to them having grown up in Philly but people in DC are generally too uptight and the behavior at Nats Park by Phils fans is highly exaggerated and incidents of rudeness, etc are isolated incidents. I have definitely seen drunk, obnoxious Nats fans on more than on occasion. I've been going to every Phils/Nats series since the park opened. Nats fans need to buy the tickets or deal with it. And by the way, every National team and staff member that was interviewed complimented the Phillies' fans and they all said they wished they had fans like that. That should tell you something right there.

Attended Saturday and didn't see any bad behavior by Philty Fans. I was glad 312 was mostly Nats fans.
Ex-Mets fan here and spent many weekends in the late 80s and early 90s invading the Vet in Philty. My wife, 2 kids and I would travel for a Sat/Sun 2-fer trip meeting up with 5 to 10 relatives from NJ.
When the Nats are on top and the philtys are back when they belong in the basement we will pack Nats Park and they will stay home. Can't wait.

To Dana,

What evidence besides a stereotype, do you have to support your claim? Assuming some things are just as bad as saying, you're afraid to get shot in San Francisco because of one incident or afraid to get beat up in the parking lot of the LA Dodgers. Your claims are nonexistent. As for the signs, that's being a fan, that also includes booing and cheering for YOUR team. Whatever fan base you represent should be ashamed to call you their fan, because, obviously, your fan hood is nonexistent. #Boom.

I hear that earthquake yesterday caused $25 million worth of improvements to Philadelphia.

Nein....what will you accept as evidence, I don't post pictures of poor phan behavior, it just encourages additional posing. Have you actually BEEN to the ball park??
Personally, I hold the Fillies organization responsible, it is obvious that the front office and the ball players have no problem with behavior that would get them a fast ball in the ribs if they were on the field.
...and lady I grew up in a part of Chicago that makes South Philly look like an garden spot. Keep your attitude out of the ball park.

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