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September 20, 2011


Too bad that $126 million didn't help make the batters box comfortable, but the Lerners will comforted by the assurance that he'll be fine next year.

His 1st 1/2 and getting boo'd was nothing to be proud of. His constant hustle and good influence in the locker room was good. His OBP and leading the league in seeing pitches is huge.

He also was key in 2 walk-off wins.

Nobody gives a more bizarre interview than JDub and he drives the nicest rides of any of the Nats (guess you can with his $$$$$$$$)

My only problem is in 3 to 4 years his skills will naturally decline to that of a bench player which is where his salary will really hurt. He will be the most expensive bench player in MLB history! --It happens

he has had a poor season, but lets not write him off yet...there's 6 years left. When he gets into more of the complementary in the future when the stars are around him, i think he will return to what he was his previous years. Hopefully its just a 1 year adjustment. I have heard numerous accounts of how hard he works, how he gets to the park early to work on stuff. That work ethic will pay off soon enough.

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