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September 20, 2011


Wait, $705 million isn't that what the Nats are paying Werth in year 7 of his contract?

This is great, especially if the Phillies and their fans get full of righteous indignation -- that is until the bullpen blows a lead...

Keep up the great work. Too funny! Did you PhotoShop that? LOL

@Andrew - no photoshop trickery here! That's straight from our TV screen to your internet...

They don't need 705 million to sell lottery tickets, ever visited Philly? EVERYONE plays lotto. I would suggest for them to put that $5000 a year they waste on lottery tickets, into a high yield savings account, or better yet use the money to come down to DC, sell out our stadium, buy our 8 dollar beers, eat our 15 dollar burgers, and continue to contribute to the payroll of the Nationals.

Playing the lottery might be more fun than watching the Nationals though...

Hey, thanks for posting Stan, er, the dude! Great to hear from you again!!! NOT

Pretty funny. Probably the highlight of the Nats season. When they watch the phils play in their 3rd WS in 5 years they laugh at their hi jinx.

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