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October 16, 2011



I grew up here, without a home team because of Bob Short, thus I root for the Texas Rangers to fail. If the Brewers win the NL pennant, I'll root for a 1994 World Series situation on account of Nyjer.

Who do you blame? The guy who SOLD the team or the buyer? If there was no buyer, then what would Short do? I blame Short for being a bad owner.

Who owns the Rangers now? NOLAN RYAN! Sorry guys, Im not rooting against a Hof owner who has stuck by his manager and team since taking over! GO RANGERS!

At this point, the Rangers are a complete disconnect from the Senators (v2.0) and should be applauded for their accomplisments.
Bob Short however occupies a special place in Hades for his ham-handed manipulation of the franchise during his ownership tenure. He'll have company at some point, once Jeffery Loria leaves this mortal coil.

Forgive the team, without question yes, and applaud them for their success; Forgive the owner who brought about the franchise loss, NEVER.

As a former Baltimore Colts fan who watched the owner move the team in the middle of the night, I have sympathy for Senators fans who would still wish for the Rangers to lose every game. But the other commenters have a point; you can hold it against the owner, but not necessarily the team or their fans. I am personally wishing the Rangers well and hope they win.

I'm glad that baseball is back in Washington. Even though the two or three Expos fans probably feel the same way Nats fans do right now, there's no way that city should have kept its team.

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