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October 06, 2011


uggggh. Why?

I LOVE this kid

The kid has been a Yankee fan his whole life (not that long, really - he's still only 18 years old, for cryin' out loud!). This just in; those who like baseball often grow up rooting for a team, and that loyalty lingers. Mike Rizzo admits to growing up a Cubs fan, and to having a soft spot for the team. Does that mean that he's not trying to put together a team to beat them? C'mon.

BTW, this is exhibit #25,287 in why twitter is evil and athletes should just put it down and back slowly away. ESPECIALLY when they are still kids. Nothing to see here, move along.

"those who like baseball often grow up rooting for a team, and that loyalty lingers."

"Mike Rizzo admits to growing up a Cubs fan, and to having a soft spot for the team."

Yea, but they don't TWEET about it, do they? John Lannan grew up a Yankees fan, how often do you hear about it from him? Sheesh.

Tyler Clippard played for the Yankees. I don't see any Yankee love on his Facebook page.

Think about this. You are the face of Heineken in their commercials and still employed by them. Lets say they don't do their light beer any more. How well would it go over to start to Tweet about how much you LOVE Amstel Light?

Not apples to apples but he shouldnt be promoting another competing brand.

Harper is now 0 for 8 in Scottsdale, and didn't do anything special in Harrisburg. Friendly advice Bryce: keep a low profile, and focus on your business. Or the sounds of the "OVERRATED!" chants at away games next year will be deafening. Plus, I can't help but think that your veteran future teammates (Zim, Werth, etc) are too amused by your tweets.

NatsFanTom: I'd guess the vets are just rolling their eyes and saying: "Ah, I remember when I was that young. Good thing I wasn't on Twitter back then!" It's a mistake, to be sure, but let's remember that he hasn't even really been signed that long. He's played *one* year in the Nats system. Give him another year of Nats indoctrination, another year of developing professionally (aka what he lets out to the public), and the kid'll be fine.

How many controversial issues has Bryce had? KissyGate, helmetslam, tossouts, dustups, BronxCheer.

Bryce has been on the team for a year. Is he this teams OchoCinco or Terrell Owens?

Bryce, less is more. You are paid a TON of money by the Nationals, show some respect to your employer, fellow employees, and clients of your employer aka FANS.

Clearly this kid is not the type of person anybody should want in their organization and he should be traded asap for a bag of balls and some BP bats. Or perhaps we shouldn't actually give a sh!t. Either one.

We are all dumber for having read this today, thanks.

What 99 said. I *so* don't care if he's rooting for the Yankees in 2011.

This kid has never been popular with his other teammates at what ever level he's been at. I fore see a problem child in the future for the 'Nats...

i think too many folks are just looking for a reason not to like the guy. since when is it so sinful to like more than one team. people need to get their own life and stop living through Bryce's. news reporters should be able to find more important sports to report.

NEWSFLASH: harper is a huge tool.

his favorite teams? yankees, bulls, cowboys.

sorry, make that yankees, LAKERS, cowboys, duke. he is such a tool.

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