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October 05, 2011


Any blooper with a Phillies is good but this one takes the cake. OMG

Just hope the Cards can knock 'em out Friday night. Hate that prick LaRussa, but hate the Phillies and their fanbase even more...

The only way the Cardinals win is for Carpenter to pitch the game of his life. He has to go toe-to-toe with Halladay and put up zeros.

At some point the best player in the game (Pujols) has to do something dramatic.

There would be nothing better than to see the "Dream" rotation watch the rest of the post-season from their off-season homes.

Oswalt, Lidge Ibanez and Rollins are all Free Agents. The Phillies will have money to spend on Free Agents but I am hoping their post-season runs will end.

PH the Phillies!

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