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January 05, 2012


perhaps they are best labeled as "low information voters"

i agree

OMG, does!!!

Wow. The Nats certainly aren't the best, but they're definitely not the worst. All I can say is, "Wait 'til THIS year!"


Mets: 5%!? 'Nuff said.

Well, 100% of Phillies fans are morons and one must assume that's who the majority of voters were in this poll.

Mets? Really? and Marlins? lol. we're AT LEAST 3rd could def be 2nd with atl 2

I didn't see the original poll, but if the question had been "rank the rotations" as opposed to a one-answer pick, I suspect you'd see very different results.

Either that, or they really are "low-information" voters. Salt of the earth. You know--morons.

Somewhere Mike Pelfrey and Jon Neise sit icing their mouse clicking fingers.

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