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January 08, 2012


Fielder is a DH and a prime candidate for early-onset "old player skills." He might have 4 good years left him and then he becomes a liability. Anything beyond a 5 year deal would be very risky. While he'd open the window to content sooner, I think he shortens it as well.

Help is on the way (Harper) and first base isn't the hardest position to fill.

"even billionaires have feelings, folks" Great line. Yep, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.

Yes, a 5 year deal certainly works. A 7 year deal can possibly work for the Nats with the 5 year opt-out if there is significant backloaded dollars so Prince is opting out of the most expensive years.

Even though Pujols contract doesn't have an opt-out, take a look at the back loading on that deal!

An opt-out sometimes gives the player that added incentive to perform even better like it is a contract year. I agree that any years beyond 5 gets dicey.

Keep in mind that Toronto can make a run at Prince and offer more and Prince may say no. Same as Seattle. Doubt he wants to play for teams that have their best chance at competing for 3rd place.

Texas makes sense and will end up the destination if they don't sign Yu.

I hear the Hot Stove needs more kindling. This sucks. You have to wonder if Boras is pushing the Rangers with unrealistic numbers on Prince like "you can get him for 5 years $90 million". Then the Rangers drop Darvish and jump into the bidding only to find out they need 7 years to get him.

The Nats offer is clearly sitting there as the top offer, waiting to be beaten like a dirty old rug.

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