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January 06, 2012


Oh sweet I can understand this because I'm taiwanese and i speak mandarin :P

And lol, "Prince fielderlah"

I could translate it literally if you wanted to? My mandarin vocabulary's pretty poor though so .. :P It'll be limited but better than google translate xD

Eh, just went ahead and translated it :p

Woman: The next topic is about is about the most recent happenings in MLB.
The Washington Nationals that Chien-Ming Wang plays for has once again proven that they have the same ambitions as big market teams.

The Washington National’s front office has met with Scott Boras about acquiring the most powerful hitter available via Free Agency, Fielder.

Man: Since Pujols signed with the Cardinals, Fielder has become MLB’s strongest hitter available via free agency.

Reports have emerged saying that the Washington Nationals – which Chien-Ming Wang plays for – is about to make a move.

Because the Nationals’ front office will meet with the “vampire” agent Boras (referring to the massive contracts that Boras’ gets for his clients sucking the money out of the teams the players sign with, I guess) in the near future to pursue Fielder despite not wanting to pursue him earlier,

if this succeeds, besides bolstering an impressive rotation, their batting lineup will almost be complete as well.

Even the strong teams of the NL East such as the Phillies, Braves, etc. will fear the Nationals!

If Fielder joins the Nationals, Zimmerman, Michael Morse, and Jayson Werth, the middle of the lineup will be very powerful.

Don’t forget, the Nationals still have hitting-prospect Bryce Harper in the Minor Leagues waiting to succeed and be promoted to the Majors.

Of course, if the Nationals do sign Fielder, then they will have to solve some problems.

That problem is about 1st base. The primary candidate to be traded away seems to be Adam LaRoche, who has been injured for nearly a year.

As for Michael Morse, he will stay in the outfield – he wont go back to 1st base.

Chris Marrerro will be stuck in the Minors, and if Bryce Harper skips AAA, even the outfield will be full.

Now all we can do is wait and see if the Nationals can sign Fielder, who definitely wont be cheap.

Ben - fantastic work! Thank you. Would have been better if the translation said simply: "The Nats have signed Fielder", you know?

No prob :]
I might've mistranslated some parts though so don't blame me if I accidentally gave you false info :P

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