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January 03, 2012


I don't get why people are thinking the guy can't handle first base. His name isn't Prince "Hitter"!

Keep up the great coverage on this. You have been ahead of the pack with the stories. BTW, great job on being the 1st out there with the opt-out possibility. Within a few hours, Ken Rosenthal tweeted it.

Who's following who on Twitter? ;-)

Great reading. Listening to MLB they are saying Boras will probably wait to see what Texas Rangers do with Darvish.

@Harper I can always count on you to pick us up with a punchline when we miss something obvious. Meanwhile, Adam LaRoche really has nothing on Prince, eh?

@Michael: Thanks. Really, all we're doing is passing along what we're hearing from people we trust -- not much more to it than that.

@NatsLink: Yeah, there might be something to that...

He fields like a rock. A french rock!

Please change the name of your Blog to "Prince Fielder 24/7" which means, where's my daily update?????

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