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January 31, 2012


The Cowboys aren't exactly West Coast either! LOL Bryce needs to take Geography 101 again.

The Yankees transcend both time and space.

The kid is a frontrunner which transcends any logic or time warp. It was a good try by him in trying defend his 'teams' being geographically West Coast. Laughable as readers on Nats Enquirer know their geography and a Frontrunner when they see one!

When the Nats become a winning tradition, Nats Park will fill up with Frontrunners and Bandwagon types as most fans fit into that species.

NatsLink, Frontrunners and Bandwagon types don't buy into "For better or for worse and for richer and poorer and in sickness and in health" as they believe "WINNERS" or I will divorce your ass. How much do you want to bet that BHarper was a 49ers fan when he was younger with Joe Montana and Steve Young posters on his wall?

who cares who is favorite teams are/were? most people pick their favorite teams based on the teams that were close to where they lived. as far as i recall, harper grew up in the las vegas area, and there are no professional teams there (unless you count the tarkanian-era unlv teams).

harper probably chose the yankees, cowboys, duke, etc because they were the ones that were constantly on espn when he was growing up. if those were the only teams you had access to as a kid, those would probably be your favorites as well.

Forgot about Duke, they aren't West Coast either!


Did you see his latest? He's offered to wear a Redskins jersey the next time he's in DC to make everyone happy.

We're with erocks33. Who cares what teams he roots for?! The kid is going to deliver a World Series to Washington DC - Fuck the Redskins!!

I'm with JDC!

Duke over Hoyas? Please refer him to 01/30/2010, Verizon Center. Thanks.

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