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February 07, 2012


Deep down in Nevada close to Vegas Way back up in the desert among the tumbleweed
There stood a casino made of glass and steel
Where lived a little boy named Brycey B. Goode
Who never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could swing a bat just a like ringin' a bell.

Go! Go! go, Brycey, go, go!

Further confirming my belief that he will bolt for New York as soon as possible.

Joe Namath's Chest Hair needs its own Twitter account.

Bryce is young. If he comes to camp and makes Rizzo and the grey beards forget who the splendid splinter is ... he just may make DC bigger than NYC or Boston for that matter.

Its up to him, DC DC ... remembering that Teddy ballgame got his start in San Diego.

yikes. just...yikes.

Broadway Joe was forced out of Bachelor's III because of unsavory elements that were part of the scene. I recall a teary-eyed Joe at a press conference about it. A photo from that day made the cover of SI.

Young Mr. Harper might want to think a little before he "speaks his mind."

Not everyone will be interested enough to put it all in the context of "knowing the real him."

He's still a teenager, for heaven's sakes.

Actually the comparison might work, but with the opposite result. Broadway Joe, NY's beloved hero nicknamed for NY's most beloved street. K-Street Bryce, DC's most scorned wannabe hero nicknamed for DC's most scorned street. Someone want to get a pic of him in McPherson Sq. and put it on the cover of Washingtonian?

Given Harper's attitude and Rocker paralleled mouth
no team or team-mates will want to be even
connected with this ass----!

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