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February 13, 2012


I can't vouch for Harper one way or the other - but Chad Dukes is an idiot of the highest order, so his post just amounts to dogs barking IMO.

Chad Douche?

Douche calling the kettle black?

I don't get it. He's mad because the new rich kid has a better car than he does? Because it doesn't have white walls? What is he complaining about?

Chad Douche!

Chad is such a huge douche. I tell him that all the time during commercial breaks.

If Harper is going to piss off sports radio meatheads like Dukes by doing this, I think it is a good thing.

Chad Dukes gets no love accept from Redskins haters. He's just branching out using Shock Jock techniques. He probably has no clue what position Bryce Harper plays. A shame he gets any publicity on this.

Dukes is the reason I don't listen to the Lavar and Dukes "show"....he is the most uniformed, worthless slug on the radio. He and Lavar live to bash the skins!

One has has class and the other doesn't Guess which is which.

I love it! Bryce keep doing your thing. If you don't have haters than you are not doing your job

Who is Chad Dukes?

Always amused at fools like this, some wannabe no one seems to have ever heard of before this story, putting down someone much better know then themselves simply to generate news about..... themselves. Pathetic.

Did any of Chad's three Twitter follows agree with his assessment?

who is Chad Dukes?

chade fukes is the man. listened to him well before the lavar and dukes show. most people who hate on fukes are die-hard d-bag redskins fans.

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