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February 07, 2012


Tons of tickets on the secondary market I predict Nats fans will outnumber Phillie dfans but that there will be more than 10K Phillie fans in attendance.

Any Feffer and the Nationals front office really have a knack for making it a hard to be a happy customer. The presale of tickets to this series always seemed a bit odd to me. For local customers and fans? Or because the Nationals figured word about all of the group pre-sales would be out in no time.

I wish I could give them the benefit of the doubt, but over time they've given me no reason to. Another great one this week? Amanda Comack reported there will be no preseason NatsFest at all this year (not even an ill-conceived workday event) because of a "scheduling conflict". Really? With a little planning, the Nationals could schedule a fan appreciation event, if they wanted to.

The Nats "claim" per my ticket guy is the Phils guys are selling seats they don't physically have tickets for unless they bought them in a partial ticket plan or through an address in the DMV.

I am hoping everyone has reserved tickets and even extra tickets if you are a STH because this needs to show that the Nats fans matter!

@Harper_ROY_2012 I'm sure they will get 10K in tickets which would mean 30K to Nats fans. Thats a decent ratio. I am sure they will also buy the $350 Prez tix to be seen obnoxiously behind home plate. We can only hope one day we can eradicate them from DC all together

Distribute free nachos at the game, and remind Nats fans to chant "Nachos!" every time the Filly fans start "This is OUR park!"

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