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February 03, 2012


Checking StubHub I don't see a big difference between the Philly series and any other series. I'm guessing that by including eBay and StubHub that TiqIQ is double counting a large number of tickets.

Check the Yankees series if you want to see a lot of tickets available for sale.

When I looked at TicIQ.com on Friday night there are 17,000 Yankees tickets (give or take a few) available. Since the team has been selling those tickets in various packages, I'm guessing that the available tickets are coming from package buyers who are reselling them.

At this point, the team has been selling tickets to the Phillies series in packages, and as single tickets to anyone with a local zip code. Right now, it's the *only* series where that's the case.

So when anybody with a local zip code could get a ticket, (in addition to the people who have 17,000 Yankees tickets to sell) 9,000 tickets being resold online for the three games Phillies series doesn't sound too bad. Even if all of the tickets were bought by Phillies fans, I'd still expect them to be outnumbered and outshouted by Nats fans at any game they choose to attend.

According to Tiqiq, TicketsNow, eBay, TicketNetwork, and TiqiqDirect are all selling 12 tickets in section 101 row A. Lots of double counting going on for these games, so those total numbers are meaningless.

@Powerboater good point(s). Still, the point is...tickets are available. Hope Nats fans take the Nats up on their presale offer...

half of those asshole phillies fans are bandwagoners who live here (but their grandma totally grew up in delaware so its ok!!!). i bet they'll just get the tickets over the actual Philadelphians. you can't change supply and demand with a single promotion - we nats fans just need to keep taking the embarrassment until the team gets good enough for the average asshole who'll only root for a winner to buy a nats hat and tell us they've been fans since 2001 or something

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