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February 27, 2012


I got into a rhubarb with Pete Kerzel over the weekend. He responded on someone elses tweet and wrote:

Agree, but this club NEVER does anything contractually that isn't right down to the wire - or, in this case, beyond.

That was MASN Pete talking about the Nats negotiation with Zimmerman on Saturday before it was done.

Of course I challenged him on the ridiculous point because his mind is obviously thinking about how #1 Draft picks are signed with the last minute deadline the same way the Orioles handled signing Bundy, Machado and Wieters.

I told him LaRoche, Gio, EJax & Werth weren't negotiated in public so who are you referring to? Strasburg & Harper's Draft signings?

Kerzel came back with: Strasburg, Harper, most of June's Draft class, Crow-trend has crossed from Bowden/Kasten to Rizzo eras.

I came back with: Exactly, all Draft picks that part of the 1st round process. Can't name a history w/ Free Agents or extensions. Exactly my point.

And another to him: None of us know Zims demands or the Nats response. As a beat writer neutrality is better than making blanket statements "NEVER"

Not only does MASN suck, they put this hack on the job like a disgruntled Orioles fan who is jealous of progress.

Kerzel is a dope. MASN is a joke. Angelos is still counting his money. Mwah, hah, hah

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