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March 06, 2012


DC is douchebag central? Ha! Look in the mirror, Philthy!

why are they so obsessed with Washington

Its so funny how they get so riled up! I mean, if we are that bad, then why do they care? So great. Cant wait to have another sweep in philly this year.

As the saying goes, "even philly fans hate philly fans"

Jimmy Rollins once spoke the truth about that sh-t hole fanbase when he called them front runners. They obviously didn't like him speaking the truth as they boo'd him the rest of that season on every at-bat.

Defeat your enemy be becoming them?

Stack the stadium with cops. If any of the Philthy fans act up, cuff em and stuff em. See if they come back again.

WFY, this is a radio station that put this together to capitalize on what will be a continuing big story.

Love it. About time we stood up to the Broad Street Bullies!

sure had im definitely heated about it. the phillies will play them and win point blank

This is the biggest joke. I lived in DC for all 4 years of college and bought $5 tickets for every nats/phillies game and proceeded to walk down to the first row even when you guys "took back the park". As far as im concerned there is no nats fans base. Really DC? The downside to all of this is once the phillies take control of first place were gonna have other things on our minds than these nats fans and they wont receive the ass-kicking they deserve other than on the diamond. Enjoy nats fans, you have no chance.

This is awesome!! They think we're angry, but we're really laughing at these fools. The best part is how they how horrible and classes Philly fans are, yet they're the DC fans are the ones acting the way they always accuse us of being.

I love how the Phillies are pumped about a World Series run.....The Natinals (yes, that spelling was on purpose) are all excited about a series in May.


@ Dan is that all you have to say ...That's all you Philly fans say Nats have no fans ohh look over here we got a Badass.

where you there before 2008 2004 2005 2006 2007 2003 2002 2001 2000 ,you guys are going what the Mets did to y'all don't be jackasses about it man up you say that we are acting immature,but it's your so call passionate fans are the ones acting like over grown brats.

I know our city is beautiful in spring time but please grow up other fans come into are park and we have no problem y'all got to realize that its your attitude towards us .

And if where so bad why do you care so much about coming to Washington and your so well traveled fans why don't you travel to Mets games or fish games or even the braves uh explain that Because the fish have a less of a fan base than the nationals you can go help out filling there new ballpark for them as well.

The Phillies and Nationals have a rivalry? The Nats aren't even on the Mets level! Make a playoff run, just one playoff run, then MAYBE you can start to talk rivalry.

They THINK Phils Fans are riled up but truth is, just look at our team...How could we be mad?

Bri try watching a phils/braves game or a Phils/marlins game and you will see plenty of phillies fans. And I also love how you say that the phillies fans are the immature one when your own city started this ridiculousness. Maybe if the team was supported other teams fans wouldn't take over your park so much.
And yes I was a fan before 2000. Thank you

Over half these people can't even spell... dude trying to say 'classless' yet typing classes! Oh intelligence, would have thought it existed here in DC, apparently not

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