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May 08, 2012


Why are we still playing baseball in May? The self annointed World Champion Nationals, like their do nothing other than run negative venom, Washington Congressmen have decided the outcome for the rest of us uniformed slobs. GM Rizzo's comments make you wonder if he has any knowledge of baseball. Hasn't he EVER heard the term "a little chin music", i'm only 67, and that was around when I was in Little League, High School, College, Military, and yes, even in the 60+ leagues.
How can a town, which doesn't have enough fans to fill their own stadium, proclaim "Nattitude" (Nasty Attitude)? If you can't take it don't try to dish it out. I guess it must be the air in DC (spoiled sports).

Any pitcher that throws at a defenseless player is a coward. This should be considered assault with a deadly weapon and throw his butt in jail

Harper has learned little from his GM. The guy makes all grown up taking Hamels' chin music like a veteran, then the idiot cuts his face breaking a bat. Sort of like Rizzo and his filthy mouth. no class.

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